Living History

Howard Layton beside his planeReaders of Howard’s books will see him as a living history. He flew in the Royal Air force in WWII, initially as a Flight Sergeant navigator, rising to the rank of Flight Lieutenant toward the end of the war. Through the years immediately following the war, he toured the British Isles as a stage and film actor, and performed for Queen Mary at the Richmond Theatre, where he was presented to her in her Loge. Subsequently, he immigrated to the USA and founded a high-tech manufacturing company where he earned 16 US patents and co-authored 6 more for his inventions.


Howard Layton has authored two books; first, ‘The Thirteen Club’ which tells how he and his wife immigrated to the USA from two different countries and together grew their hi-tech manufacturing company. Second, ‘Love and Sand’ which relates his experiences as a flyer in the British RAF in the WWII deserts of North Africa, and presents the previously untold story of the vital air support at the final battle of El Alamein. These two exciting histories are two thirds of a trilogy, with the third book in the research stage.

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Book Signings and Public Speaking

Howard is available for public talks as well as for book signings. Click here for information.